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A window into the daily goings-on at 826 Seattle, The Latest collects highlights from our programs, news about upcoming events and partnerships, creative miscellany, and Teri’s Updates.

Meet Our Fall 2014 Interns

by Alaina / Oct 10, 2014

We're excited to have four new interns join our ranks this fall. Meet Elisabeth, Miranda, Peyton and Peter! //more

Teri’s Update—August 2014 Teri’s Update—August 2014

Teri’s Update—August 2014

by Leslie / Aug 14, 2014

Yesterday, I was pawing through our refrigerator at 826 Seattle looking for milk for my coffee. I was having trouble finding the milk because we have no working light inside the refrigerator. //more

Apply for our Youth Advisory Board!

by Leslie / Jul 22, 2014

Active high school programming participants are invited to apply for the 2014-2015 Youth Advisory Board. This leadership group represents the organization, participates in events, and is part of our Editorial Board for revising student work.//more

Teri’s Update—June 2014 Teri’s Update—June 2014

Teri’s Update—June 2014

by Leslie / Jun 15, 2014

Let’s have a round of virtual applause for June – the month that inspires us to celebrate our (school-)year accomplishments, not to mention the launch of summer weather. //more

Natalie Champ, a DYCO Champion Natalie Champ, a DYCO Champion

Natalie Champ, a DYCO Champion

by Rebecca / Jun 14, 2014

Dance Your Cash Off is a five days away, and we have about $17,000 to raise to make our goal of $40,000. We're optimistic about our chances, but the only way we'll get there is through the efforts of our DYCO dancers—dancers like Natalie Champ.//more

Our Students’ Audio-Visual Works

by Leslie / May 21, 2014

Students at 826 Seattle pen amazing written pieces from all genres during our programming, and they also tell their insightful stories through multiple mediums. Songs, movies, podcasts and more can be accessed through the following links://more

Frequently Asked Questions About Tutoring

by Leslie / May 12, 2014

We offer after-school tutoring for 1st - 8th grade and high school students. We compiled answers to some frequently asked questions to give you a better understanding of our tutoring programs.//more

Teri’s Update—April 2014 Teri’s Update—April 2014

Teri’s Update—April 2014

by Leslie / Apr 16, 2014

Dear 826 Seattle Pals, We are big fans of hands-on learning so, a few weeks ago, when second grader Nebeyat had a report due on rabbits, we asked a guest "speaker" Carrot the Bunny, to come visit.//more