Student Work

The best part of 826 Seattle? Why, reading the awesome work of our students or listening to them perform or read a piece, of course. Here we feature the writings of young people in many different genres. We encourage you to check back often since our student writers are always busy adding new material. And, if you want to hold one of our publishing projects in your hands, they are now on sale in our store, the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company.

The Adventures of the Colony of Mistablistas The Adventures of the Colony of Mistablistas

The Adventures of the Colony of Mistablistas

by Veronica (from the Fort Party workshop) / Mar 14, 2014

What happens when a "Mischievian" would do anything to get his own pet pig? Find out in Veronica's story, which was written during the Fort Party Workshop in February.//more

The Dragon’s Jewels The Dragon’s Jewels

The Dragon’s Jewels

by Mr. Gonder's 4th Grade class / Feb 6, 2014

Are dragons capable of love? Journey with Scales through the ups and downs of dragon relationships in the dazzling story, "The Dragon's Jewels", by Mr. Gonder's 4th Grade class.//more

My Granny My Granny

My Granny

by Lilly Grey / Jan 24, 2014

Check out some new student writing: Read Lilly Grey's prose-poem about her sweet Granny who knows Kung Fu. Don't get on Granny's bad side!//more

Alex in Milk & Marshmallow Land Alex in Milk & Marshmallow Land

Alex in Milk & Marshmallow Land

by Jackson / Jan 23, 2014

Have you ever dreamed of marshmallows? In this story written by Jackson at a recent Fun & Games Workshop, the setting is a magical land featuring lots of sugar and milk-- but is it delicious or dangerous? Read on to find out!//more

Hump Day Hump Day

Hump Day

by Ms. Kinney's 4th grade class / Jan 23, 2014

How many humps is a camel supposed to have? One, Two . . . Eight?! Or none? Follow George the Camel as he discovers why it might not matter how many humps you have at all. //more

Ian the Albino Alien Lobster

by Ms. Flegenheimer's 6th Grade Class / Jan 13, 2014

In which Ian the Alien Albino Lobster crash lands on Hawaii, mistakes it for the sun, and is miraculously helped by Kate, the high priest and resident spaceship mechanic of a local earthling lobster colony. //more

Portal Twins: Lost in our Imagination

by Ms. Pembrooke's 5th Grade Class / Nov 6, 2013

Sofi and Eli have just started 1st grade. Meanwhile, at home, something is amiss! Mom and Dad are in trouble, and their kids may be their only hope of rescue. //more

I’m Playing Minecraft

by Miles / Oct 30, 2013

A parody of "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. //more