Field Trips

826 Seattle is pleased to offer dynamic, writing-based field trips to our center throughout the academic year. Our space is a creative and inspiring place for teachers to bring their students to improve their writing during the school day. As with all of our services, field trips are offered free of charge to schools.

Field Trips

Interested in a field trip?  Please note:

The Field Trip Interest Form for the 2014-2015 school year will be posted Monday, August 18th at 8:00 A.M. Sign up for our educators' mailing list if you would like to receive advance notification of when the form will be available.

Our writing center can accommodate one class of no more than 30 students at a time. Filling out the form does not guarantee you a field trip spot. We will contact you to begin the scheduling process once we receive your request.  In the interest of clear and timely communication between the 826 Seattle field trip coordinator and classroom teachers, we ask that each teacher fill out and submit their own Field Trip Interest Form rather than assign this task to a volunteer or other classroom teacher. If you have questions, don't hesitate to send us an email.


2014-2015’s field trip offerings include:

Mr. Geoduck Publishing

Recommended for Grades 1*–3
1 weekday session (offered Tuesdays), 10:00am – 12:00pm

In our most popular field trip, students are charged with the task of writing a story as a group that will please the grouchy Pacific Northwest publisher, Mr. Geoduck.  Mr. Geoduck is never seen but rather admonishes the students from behind a curtain in his quest for exciting writing, active verbs and interesting characters. Harriet, Mr. Geoduck’s harried hairy helping hand (who strangely resembles a fur-covered oven mitt) pops out from behind the curtain to collect stories and artwork from the class. The group finishes its portion of the story on a ‘cliffhanger” and then individual students are invited to write a unique ending.  Mr. Geoduck gives feedback on each individual ending and each student takes home a bound book of their story.  This field trip teaches students about collaboration, self-editing, the bookmaking process, and elements of successful storytelling.

*Because we strive for all students to feel confident and successful during the independent writing portion of this field trip, this class is not recommended for 1st grade classes until the second semester.

WrOBOT (Writing Original Books in Organized Teams)

Recommended for Grades 5-7
1 weekday session (offered Wednesdays), 10:00am – 12:00pm

Have you ever wanted to publish your own picture book? With this field trip, you can! After a short discussion about what makes a thrilling, unique story, students work in small groups to write and illustrate an original story for younger readers. Each group works with a volunteer who guides them through the writing process and types their original adventures. All students leave with a printed, illustrated, and bound book of their very own. This experience allows students to complete the entire writing process, develop creative collaboration skills, and release the wild imagination within.

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space

Recommended for Grades 4–8
1 weekday session (offered Wednesdays), 10:00am–12:00pm

Come travel deep into space as the captain of a starship on a dangerous mission! By using Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope to explore the universe, students are able to write a first-person account of their space venture in their own captain’s log. The young writers describe their journey, invent new traveling companions, take field notes, and brave the excitement and terror of unexpected emergencies. All students leave with a book as unique as their own imaginations. This intergalactic trip is most suited for upper elementary and middle school space travelers. Still not convinced? See it in action.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Recommended for grades 4-8
1 weekday session (offered Thursdays), 10:00am – 12:00pm

This classic young readers' genre has returned with whole classes creating the beginnings of an adventure story and then breaking into subgroups to invent a variety of pathways to the story’s eventual ending.  During this field trip, students explore the effect that characters’ choices have on course of a story - the class dividing and writing as the plot thickens.  Each young author writes an original ending and takes home a bound copy of the class’s story with all of its adventure pathways.

The Space Adventure Comic Book

Recommended for grades 4-8
1 weekday session (offered Thursdays), 10:00 – 12:00pm

During this field trip, students work with a talented local comic book artist as well as a lead 826 Seattle teacher to learn the fundamentals of creating a graphic story. Original space adventure stories are crafted using powerful words and expressive pictures that create complex characters who find themselves in thrilling (and spacey) adventures. At the end of this workshop students will walk away with their very own Space Adventure Comic Book.

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Where are you located?
Map and directions to 826 Seattle

How can I prepare my students for a field trip to 826 Seattle?
We recommend you use our pre-field trip guides to help your class prepare for their upcoming visit to 826 Seattle. By reviewing the included activities with students, it allows for a much richer experiecne as they arrive somewhat familiar with some of the terminology and necessary structure and behaviors that comes with writing a collaborative story. PDF files of our field trip guides are available for you to download below.

Downloadable Pre-Field Trip Guides for Teachers
Geoduck Publishing
Choose Your Own Adventure
Space Adventure Comic Book

Also, it is a tremendous help to our volunteer field trip staff to have your students equipped with clearly visible name tags.

Where can we eat lunch?
We do not have an eating area in our writing center, so you will need to make other arrangements for lunch. Some teachers contact the Greenwood Public Library, which is only two blocks away, to reserve a conference room where their students may eat. Others go to the Greenwood Park, which is a ten minute walk from our location.

Greenwood Public Library
8016 Greenwood Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103-4282
(206) 684-4086 

Greenwood Park
715 N 85th St.
Seattle, WA 98103

I hear you have a store. Will the store be open during the time of our field trip?
The Greenwood Space Travel Supply Store Co. does not open until noon. We would appreciate it if you would prepare your class for the fact that they will walk through the store but will not be able to shop on the day of the field trip. We always encourage students to return with their families at a later time.

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Field Trip Registration Policy

How do I register to bring my class to an 826 Seattle Field Trip?
Teachers must fill out and submit a Field Trip Interest Form—it only takes a minute. With the goal of clear and timely communication between the 826 Seattle field trip coordinator and classroom teachers, we ask that each teacher fill out and submit their own Field Trip Interest Form rather than assign this task to a volunteer or other classroom teacher.

The Field Trip Interest Form will go “live” on our website on August 14th.

Does everyone who submits a Field Trip Interest Form receive a field trip date?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. While we love seeing all the requests, we receive many more for our field trips than we have the capacity to fulfill. Therefore, all field trips are scheduled using a lottery system. Teachers will receive email notification regarding the status of their request within two weeks of submitting a Field Trip Interest Form. If your class does not receive a date, you will automatically be placed on a wait list. If your class does receive a field trip date, we will request an emailed confirmation as well as a refundable registration deposit of $100* from the teacher within 2 additional weeks. If we do not hear back from you, we will assume you no longer want to be scheduled for a field trip and we will offer this spot to a wait-listed classroom.

* Teachers from public schools with a free and reduced lunch percentage of greater than 35% are automatically exempted from the requirement of submitting a refundable registration deposit.

How many students can you serve?
Our writing center is only able to accommodate one classroom (approximately 25-30 students) per field trip.

What if we arrive late?
Our field trips are delivered by a dedicated group of volunteers who generously donate time out of their personal and work lives. Should your class arrive late for a field trip, they will receive a shorter program, ending at the scheduled time. We will make every effort to bind and distribute student books, before you depart. However, if this is not possible, we will make arrangements with you for pick up at a later time.

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Deposit Information

How does the deposit work?
A refundable deposit of $100 is required for each field trip (exception noted above). Once you receive email notification that your class has been conditionally scheduled for a field trip, you will be instructed to confirm your acceptance and to remit your refundable reservation deposit within a two-week period. We must receive your deposit before we will unconditionally schedule your class. Upon its receipt, your deposit check will be held for you until your class has come to the field trip and you have completed a post field trip survey. We will return your deposit per your instructions once we receive your post-field trip survey. Your feedback is essential for us to continue to improve our services as well as to report back to granting agencies and individual donors.

Can I lose my deposit?
Your deposit will be returned to you once we have received your post field trip survey. Should you fail to show up for a scheduled and confirmed field trip OR cancel the field trip less than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date, or if we do not receive a post field trip survey from you within 4 weeks of your scheduled field trip, we will process your deposit check into our general operating fund.

What if I want to donate my deposit to 826 Seattle?
All of our programs are offered for free, however we gratefully accept donations from individuals and organizations.

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