Our Mission: 826 Seattle is a nonprofit writing and tutoring center dedicated to helping youth, ages 6 to 18, improve their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. At 826 Seattle, we believe significant learning happens with individual attention and that strong writing skills are essential for future success.

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Seahorses Aren’t Horses

(This song was written during our Songwriting Club, which meets Wednesdays during after school tutoring.) "Seahorses aren't horses Dolphins like dancing when no one's around Octopus like to juggle little fish Orcas use their fins to swish" Click to listen to the song and learn more...//more

Chomped by Owen

(This story is from our Naturally Historic Fiction summer workshop.) Once there was a yellow and red twelve-foot-tall terror bird. He built a time machine.  The terror bird could eat one billion people in one bite. “Finished!” cried the terror bird.  The terror bird...//more

Why the Salmon Need Trees by the River

A story from our Naturally Historic Fiction summer workshop, in which our students visited the Burke Museum: Long, long ago, when animals could talk, there was a river. It was a very healthy river and all the salmon came and went to the ocean and back to their hatching grounds along it. The...//more

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Maggie Helde

starsMaggie Heldestars

It’s safe to say that we couldn’t have pulled off our fifteen ambitious summer workshops without the helpful hands of one of our youngest volunteers, Maggie Helde. A senior at Shorewood High School, Maggie is one of our most active participants in our high school writing workshops and a member of our Youth Advisory Board. Her passion for writing extends into the community as well, as she volunteers for Highland Terrace Elementary School’s NaNoWriMo club from September to February, and is the president of the Shorewood High School Writers' Society.

An incredibly talented writer herself, Maggie donated dozens of hours of her summer vacation to teaching kids to pen haikus, to think like Vikings, and to build shadow puppets, among many other things. Last spring, we published a chapbook of Maggie’s writings, and now, she’s already proposing new creative workshop ideas for this school year. Her indefatigable energy and enthusiasm for her own work and for sharing her gifts with younger writers is inspiring to students, staff, and volunteers alike. Thank you, Maggie, for being so awesome!

826 Seattle is a chapter of 826 National.

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