Dance Your Cash Off June 21
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On Thursday night, June 20, hundreds of Seattle's most agile, good-hearted and stylish humans (like you!) will join forces at Nectar Lounge in Fremont to do the salsa, the watusi, the minuet and whatever else it takes for five straight hours to support the work of 826 Seattle!

Dance Your Cash Off

Your Hosts: Luke Burbank of KIRO-FM
Dance Coach: Joe and Nancy Guppy (of ArtZone)
DJ: DJ Potatoes O’Brien and DJ Larry Rose of KEXP
Dancers: YOU and all the other smart, sophisticated, generous souls who would happily dance for five hours to support the work of 826 Seattle!



Dance Your Cash Off Schedule: Thursday, June 20, 2013

5:30 – Doors Open
6:00 –Grand Marathon Prize Eligibility & Dancing Begins
7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 – Prizes Awarded
11:00 – Grand Prizes Awarded


  1. Register below. Yes, you can be a team of ONE or ONE HUNDRED (or in-between).
  2. Read our dance marathon rules and information about our prizes below.
  3. Start collecting donations! Collect at least $50 per dancer to earn each official dance marathon
    number. (Dancers wearing a number are eligible for prizes.)
  4. Show up at Nectar on June 20, hit the dance floor and start winning prizes!


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Visit the and click on "Fundraisers" to locate and support your favorite Dance Your Cash Off team!

Suggested donation levels:

$826 "Vogue" Level pays for staff person and a team of trained volunteers to visit a local school 2 times to help a teacher with their writing curriculum

$500 "The Hustle" pays the transportation/bus fees for three south-end schools to attend a field trip

$100 "Single Ladies" Level pays for one student to attend a two session workshop

$25 "Foxtrot" Level covers the cost of one student to attend a field trip

$20 "Lambada" Level buys a jump drive for a student to save their work-in-progress to take home and edit

$10 "The Twist" Level buys 6 dozen #2 pencils (we go through about 4,234,209 of these per year)


Come to Nectar Lounge on June 20, pay the $10 cover charge and start having fun. You can't win any of our prizes, but you will get to dance, drink, vote for your favorite dancer in the People's Choice Award and you will have a heck of a lot of fun.

No one under 21 years old will be admitted. (Sorry, that's the liquor control board talking. We love the youngsters…..obviously.)


Prizes made possible by:  Book-It Repertory Theatre, Seattle Shakespeare Co., ACT, Taproot Theatre, Herkimer Coffee, Agua Verde, Twice Sold Tales, Caffe Vita & Via Tribunali, Woodland Park Zoo, American Dance Institute, Frye Art Museum, Marilyn Niccolai, The Fiber Gallery, Central Market Shoreline, Vitality Pilates, The Elliott Bay Book Company, STG, The Seattle Mariners, Santoro's Books, The Pantry at Delancey, The Beehive Salon, Vino Verite, Northwest Film Forum, U.W. World Series, Teatro Zinzanni, Naked City Brewery, The Pin Cushion Acupuncture Clinic, Smith, Oddfellows Café, Ray's Boathouse Café and Catering, and MORE!

These are real prizes with real value -- gift certificates for great restaurants, massages, and cooking classes to name a few – all donated by local businesses that care about the work of 826 Seattle! Our thoughtful celebrity judges will award prizes for excellent dance moves, intriguing outfits, or for any reason that strikes their fancy.

Grand Prizes

"Strength in Numbers" Fundraising Prize will be awarded to the dance team that collects the highest donations total. Donations will be tallied at 10:45 pm.

"People's Choice" Award is an individual prize, awarded based on votes cast by secret ballot, one vote per person at DYCO. Winning votes will be tallied at 10:30 pm.

"Dancing Machine Marathon" Prize is awarded to the team that accumulates the most style points per dancer throughout the night.

"Grand Marathon Highest Individual Fundraiser" Prize is awarded to the dancer who collects the highest donations total. Donations will be tallied at 10.45 pm.

If you are going for one of our marathon prizes, you must arrive and claim your dance marathon number by 5:59 pm. Eligibility begins at 6 pm. Eligible dancers must dance the entire night (Duh! It's a marathon, people)! Dancers will start the night with 30 minutes of break time to use at their discretion.


Q: What if I can only dance for two hours? (I have a bad knee.) – Jack, Ballard

A: Well, once you stop dancing you won't be eligible for our Grand Marathon Prize. But smaller prizes are handed out to dancers throughout the night, so you can potentially win prizes during your two hours of dancing. Once that knee gives out, you can relax and watch from your bar stool.

Q: Do I need a costume? – Maddie, First Hill

A: No, but we predict you will get more attention from our judges (and thus you'll earn more prizes) if you wear something eye-catching.

Q: I have pledges from friends for money to support my team – what if I haven't collected it all before June 20? – Edie, Wallingford

A: You must turn in $50 per dancer when you arrive at DYCO to get your dance marathon numbers. You could write a check to cover your friends' pledges if you want to collect later. And your donors can go online during the event, up until 10:45 pm, and continue donating to support your team!

Q: I'm here to win! How do I get the biggest prizes? – Rocky, Columbia City

A: We recommend the following strategies: 1. Win one of our Fundraising prizes by accumulating huge donations. 2. Pack the house with friends who will vote for you in the People's Choice Award (your friends can attend by paying a $10 cover at Nectar). 3. Impress the judges with your style on the dance floor all night long to win one of our Grand Marathon prizes. 4. Start practicing your dance moves now in front of a large mirror.

Q: My grandmother is afraid of the internet. Is it OK if she writes a check instead of donating online? - Asha, Capitol Hill

A: We're happy to take that check, as long as it is made out to 826 Seattle. Just bring it with you to the door so you'll be able to turn everything in when you arrive. And thanks (in advance), Grandma!

Q: Is it OK if I go to the bathroom during the event? – Wanda, Magnolia

A: No! Just kidding. Of course you can take breaks. Each dancer will start the night with 30 minutes worth of break time. This time can be used however you'd like - all at once, in small amounts, for breathers, power naps, chow, or drinks. The official Dance Your Cash Off Time Captain will sign you off and on the dance floor.

Q: When people donate, where does the money go? - Rana, Phinney Ridge

A: When you support a Dance Your Cash Off dancer, you are making a tax-deductible donation to 826 Seattle, the only program in Seattle created solely for and dedicated to improving the written communication skills of youth through a wide range of free writing and tutoring opportunities.

Q: I'd love to donate a gift certificate from my business as a prize for the awesome DYCO dancers! What do I do? - Elspeth, Belltown

A: Email us at and we'll take care of this. And thanks!

Q: How can I become a celebrity judge? - Mark, Wallingford

A: First, you need to become (somewhat) famous or (very) interesting. Then, we'll call you!